My Story

My Story

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Vaping has helped me a lot. I went from smoking a pack and a half daily to nothing. I can honestly say vaping has my changed my health from coughing  and spitting up stuff daily to breathing normally. Before I started working at this amazing vape shop I never knew there was so much to learn about vaping. I thought I knew everything—now I’m more knowledgeable about vaping and vaping products. A year ago I started out with an Ego pen style, then I went to a 30w Istick . Now I have a 150w Sigelei box mod. A year ago if you asked me what those are I wouldn’t have been able to tell you.

At first I didn’t think that I could quit smoking but now that I have completely quit , I feel like everyone who smokes could benefit greatly from vaping. I was smoking cigarettes all the time. Then I went to vaping and smoking and am now only vaping. I wouldn’t have been able to quit if it wasn’t for Angela, David and everyone at Magic Vaper supporting me and telling me that I could do it!

Now whenever I wake up, I don’t have to get dressed and go outside to smoke a cigarette. I pick up my Sigelei which is filled with Mean Melons ( my FAVORITE juice!). No more early morning freezing for me!

I really hope that someone reads this and they see that they can quit smoking. If you ever want to start vaping, you can always come in so we can explain everything about vaping. I love to educate others so they aren’t like I was and feel completely clueless about vaping.

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